t'au ethereal

Upon waking from cryogenic sleep, O'Shassera was debriefed by Aun'Va alone. These Fire Warriors are dedicated in their role of protection of their Ethereal, and will gladly lay down their lives to save his. What do you know of O'Shovah?" Today we’re talking about the ruling caste of the T’au empire, the Ethereals. Aun'Shi is more comfortable in the company of Fire Warriors than many members of the Ethereal Caste and will frequently accompany a squad into battle. As the T'au do their utmost to prevent any Ethereal from being slain or captured, there have been few opportunities to conduct tests, and those that have been performed offer no conclusions, and far more questions.

No, I must pray to the Emperor that Darvus's insanity is held at bay until his works are done. When the T'au entered their darkest age as the 37th Millennium of the Terran calendar drew to a close, and the entire species was being destroyed by war and disease, many strange portents and omens were observed such as flickering lights in the night sky and half-glimpsed figures in the mountains. His flight was for naught, as the Culexus Assassin finally caught its prey. In this period of turmoil known as the Mon'tau, the Ethereals appeared as from nowhere, and ended the conflict with a single command. Second stanza:At height of [untranslatable] came friend-things, named [untranslatable].5 In aspect akin to Dead Male-Queen's swarm,6 but slender of limb and high, and unalike within. Age: 61 Tau'cyrs (Approx. A dedicated student of the fighting arts for virtually all his life, he has a level of expertise with the Honour Blade that few T'au can match. For a full unit of Broadsides (18 total wounds), you’re going to save about 3 wounds through the Sense of Stone chant, which is half a broadside. Annotated observations to follow [see attached Arco-stylus dia­gram (to right)]. Subscribe to BoLS Prime. At the time of the battle that catapulted Aun'Shi to the position of a full-scale hero of the Tau Empire, he was already nearing the age when an Ethereal can choose to retire to a life of contemplation within the Temple-domes of their caste. The High Council is based on the T'au homeworld, also called T'au, and from here orders and edicts are issued and are followed without question by all across the T'au Empire, for the Ethereal Caste members who issue them are revered by countless billions, and their wisdom is beyond doubt. The Ethereals evidently had some part to play in this rapid development, and to this day guide their species in its dynamic expansion lest the castes revert to the savagery that once threatened to overwhelm it. Water Caste to talk and debate, Air Caste to shuttle you around, Earth Caste to do the dirty work. The Tau'va is the path, gue'la, not the destination."

Luckily for the swarm there's a queen-egg already laid, and so begins the reign of their next matriarch. Aun'Shi's last assignment was to bolster a new T'au colony named Kel'tyr. She would lead the Third Sphere Expansion, but the elderly Ethereal vowed that she would not lead alone, for he himself would lend his counsel, personally heading to the forefront to guide her and the largest armies ever assembled by the T'au Empire. All across the T'au Empire morale was high, and all of the castes recognised that with Aun'Va to guide them, they could not fail in their destiny.


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