the giant behemoth review
This one had for many years slipped me by but I was very impressed. The writing credits for this film are locked by the WGA.   |  Neither as good as "Beast" nor as "Gorgo," "The Giant Behemoth" qualifies as a respective entry, even if the same car gets squashed three times from different angles. Marine atomic tests cause changes in the ocean's ecosystem resulting in dangerous blobs of radiation and the resurrection of a dormant dinosaur that threatens London. I first saw this late-night camp classic when it was released in the late Fifties and clearly recall leaving the cinema with a fetid taste in my mouth. Fond memories of drive-in theaters and Saturday night scarfests with friends. User Ratings Time is unkind. External Reviews Scary Portrayal Of Radioactivity's Possible Effect On The Enviorment. I don't wanna say much more any fans of 50's Sci-Fi & Stop-Motion should really check this one out. There is some decent stock footage as well. Anyway this is one of the best Dinosaur Flicks it is about atomic waste in the Atlantic Ocean in England that makes a 200 Foot Paleosaurus Radioactive it eventually goes on a rampage in the streets of London. If his name isn't familiar, he's the guy who brought King Kong to life through the miracle of stop-motion cinematography. Optical zooms naturally lower sharpness and detail; O’Brien (or possibly Lourie) employs the technique often. Modern effects men Dennis Muren and Phil Tippett provide a mocking commentary (not undeserved) with plenty of dead air. Well worth having if you're a fan of old sci-fi & horror films. We do not look with judgment on the film but rather on the times in which it was produced. He was not an "uncredited" contributor to the film. A missing low-end and wobbling highs leave Giant Behemoth with little sonic weight. As it took me back to my childhood.   |  While not as technically astute as some films of this time, it's still well made and worth seeing. Willis O'Brien & Peterson did a great job on that film. DailyDead However, the opening credits should read: Story: Robert Abel and Allan Adler (both uncredited) Screen Play: Eugène Lourié (as Eugene Lourie) Order #1,1,1, 08 August 2020 A line of dialog recalls the London bombings during WWII. BEHEMOTH is certainly one of the greatest depictions of monstrous evil yet realised for the cinema. The unconventional setting is what largely helps the film stand out from the ranks of its competitors of the time, as, apart from allowing for some wry tongue-in-cheek quips at the Americanization of the genre (particularly a witty 'ending twist'), the film benefits from an infusion of more (relatively) serious and classy sensibilities, as if leaning more towards breaking ground as opposed to rehashing ground oft-tread. Now, let me tell you I could be a little biased here with my scoring. It was also rare for a kid to be killed in a horror movie. DOWNLOAD OPTIONS download 1 file . Be the first one to write a review. How great a flying monster might represent those attacks. 80 min Looking for a movie the entire family can enjoy? The Giant Behemoth is known as Behemoth, The Sea Monster in England. Now, let me tell you I could be a little biased here with my scoring. The line about Japanese fish is outright insulting. No, it doesn't surpass "Godzilla.". Never mind the people. Giant Behemoth ends up chronologically crushed between sharper and better written monster flicks. Not much time is wasted on a romantic subplot . Meanwhile in Cornwall a Fisherman named Tom Trevethan (Henri Vidon) has a close encounter with a giant radioactive sea monster & ends up dead, shortly after lots of dead fish wash up onto a beach. An embarrassing attack on a ferry uses a static puppet for the monster. Reviews There are no reviews yet. B-Western stalwart Gene Evans is pretty good as the hero and Andre Morrell, a one time Dr. Watson opposite Peter Cushing's Sherlock Holmes, is good too.


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