the next three days true story
The author of several books, Paul loves to find spirituality in unexpected places, including popular entertainment, and he loves all things superhero. It was indeed an intellectual and emotional experience. Unable to sell his house in time, he considers robbing a bank but hesitates at the last minute. Obsessed with the injustice, Lindon hatches a desperate criminal plan to bust her out of jail. 30 Mio. Lara has the victim’s blood on her coat and her fingerprints all over the murder weapon. 1:53. Er manipuliert das Dokument so, dass die Glucose-Werte Laras auf akute Lebensgefahr hinweisen, und druckt es aus. Lara's guards at the hospital are overcome by John, and he convinces her to escape with him. Feel free to follow him on Twitter @AsayPaul. Ein Kollege sieht kurz nach der Tat Laras gerade davonfahrenden Wagen. Kommentare zu "72 Stunden - The Next Three Days", Online-Videothek - Thriller-Filme online leihen, Action / Thriller, 53. Nothing, nobody, can convince him of her guilt—and there’s something quite beautiful about that. Russell Crowe as John Brennan; Elizabeth Banks as Lara Brennan; Ty Simpkins as Luke. We question his sanity at every turn, and we know this laudatory passion of his could get he, Lara and his little boy killed. Bank holidays Banks will be closed for next three days. The Lives of Others → Nov 30 2010. In prison, Lara tries to commit suicide. John hatte absichtlich einen Teil der Notizen für die Polizei leicht auffindbar weggeworfen, um diese auf eine falsche Fährte zu schicken. Er ist jedoch zu nervös, um überhaupt aus seinem Wagen auszusteigen und den Überfall durchzuführen. And so when every last thread of legitimate hope has been snapped, John begins to consider a less legitimate recourse. 2010 13+ 2h 13m Crime Dramas. [4][5], The plot of Pour Elle involves a teacher, Julien (Vincent Lindon), who experiences difficulties when his wife (Diane Kruger) becomes a suspect in a murder investigation and is arrested;[4] Julien does not believe that his wife is guilty of the crime, and attempts to remove her from the prison. His vices include James Bond films, Mountain Dew and terrible B-grade movies. He knows Lara’s innocent—knows it in the core of his being. Crude terms are tossed around for breasts and testicles. He's got this whole romanticized vision of how you sacrifice yourself for a woman, how you go about something like this. In Deutschland startete der Film am 20. We often talk about how we’d do anything for our loved ones: John carries it out. NewsX. Lara brightens up whenever she sees Luke—or even sees pictures of him. The Next Three Days is the story of a line ruled through more than one life. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Lara wird, nachdem erfolglos versucht wurde, das Labor telefonisch zu erreichen, per Rettungswagen ins Krankenhaus transportiert. Johns Eltern werden verhört. Two f-words, three s-words and several milder profanities, including “a‑‑,” “b‑‑ch,” “d‑‑n” and “h‑‑‑.” God’s name is paired with “d‑‑n,” and Jesus’ is abused a half-dozen times. They discover Luke is unexpectedly at the zoo for the birthday party and drive there to retrieve him while police set up roadblocks around the city. 0:32. But John can’t—won’t—accept that. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Der Film ist eine Neuverfilmung des französischen Thrillers Ohne Schuld aus dem Jahr 2008. Nur knapp entkommen sie den Polizisten, die im Fall des toten Drogendealers ermitteln; sie haben entdeckt, dass die Wohnung Johns bereits geräumt ist, und schließen daraus, dass er eine Befreiungsaktion plant. In its sheer oddity, it almost looks like one of those films claiming to be based on a true story, and yet at the same time, you suspect that at any moment you will be told that, like the entire eighth series of TV's Dallas, this was all a dream. He was talking about Don Quixote. Interestingly, the doubt over Lara’s innocence, at least until the ending, is something that deviates from the French film The Next Three Days was based on. It's terribly romanticized and so completely impractical. Lara is transferred from jail to a nearby hospital. John folgt dem Wagen, dringt in das Krankenzimmer ein, bedroht mit seiner Pistole das Personal und flieht mit seiner zunächst widerstrebenden Frau. Das zerbrochene Rücklicht seines Toyota Prius ist eine erste Spur. What is "The Next Three Days" about? [2], The Next Three Days received mixed reviews. But then I would continue. Paul Haggis was developing a film about Martin Luther King but could not get the financing. In an effort to get money to flee the country, John attacks a couple of drug dealers. [4] Pour Elle was Cavayé's directing debut. It’ll take everything he’s got and then some. 0:44. He’s married, has two children and a neurotic dog, runs marathons on occasion and hopes to someday own his own tuxedo. While John’s convinced of her innocence, we, in the audience, are left to wonder. Her young son Luke ceases to acknowledge her during prison visits. Doch gibt er diesen Kampf auf, nachdem sein Anwalt ihm mitgeteilt hat, dass die Chancen dafür äußerst gering seien. The bumps along the way were good but I thought I could make him pay a larger price. Following the failure of her appeal, her attorney balks at taking further action. John’s driven, of course, by his unfaltering belief Lara isn’t guilty of murdering her boss but Haggis peppers The Next Three Days with moments that cast doubt over her innocence. Obwohl auch hier teilweise mit unnötigen, unwahrscheinlichen Elementen zusätzlich Spannung erzeugt wird, stellt Paul Haggis unter Beweis, dass er einen Actionfilm handwerklich inszenieren kann: Der von der rastlosen Filmmusik von Danny Elfman und Alberto Iglesias unterstützte, sorgfältige Schnitt lässt einerseits den Zuschauer bei der Parallelmontage den Überblick in keinem Augenblick verlieren, erzeugt andererseits genretypische Spannung, ob das waghalsige Unternehmen gelingen wird. [3] It is a remake of the 2008 French film Pour elle (Anything for Her) by Fred Cavayé and Guillaume Lemans.[4][5]. Seit heute weiß ich, dass es nur auf den Film drauf ankommt! Did she or didn’t she? After John pulls the injured dealer out of the blazing house, he expires in the back seat of John’s car. In the original movie, the wife’s innocence is made clear from the get-go, but Haggis opted for ambiguity in his remake – hence why those final few scenes proving Lara isn’t guilty are so important. One morning, Lara frowningly notices some blood on her coat, and at that moment, the cops burst in and arrest her for killing her boss. He studies escape routes and prison routines and buys a handgun. The Next Three Days is, at its core, a love story. John hat den Ausbruch so getimt, dass er mit einem Eishockeyspiel zusammenfällt, so dass die beiden in den Fans untertauchen können. Sie und der gewohnt überzeugende, zurückhaltend agierende Crowe sind ein glaubwürdiges Paar in einem Familien- und Liebesdrama, das sich in der zweiten Stunde zum Thriller mit unwiderstehlichem Spannungssog entwickelt und dabei bei eigentlich vertrauten Reaktionsmustern nicht nur die Flüchtenden, sondern auch ihren Verfolger, einen aufmerksamen Cop, smart aussehen lässt. Der Überfall auf die Meth-Küche endet damit, dass John einen Drogendealer erschießt, ein weiterer stirbt in Johns Auto, als er ihn in ein Krankenhaus bringen will. Laras Aussage, eine wahrscheinlich Obdachlose sei auf dem Parkplatz mit ihr zusammengestoßen und fortgelaufen, ist nicht verifizierbar. Haggis, der als Drehbuchautor den Oscar für "Million Dollar Baby" erhielt, kehrt nun - wie bei "L.A. As the film ends, John takes a picture of his sleeping wife and son. Kurz nachdem John Lara davon berichtet hat, begeht diese einen Selbstmordversuch. Haggis made a number of key changes from the French film: They made it quite clear from the beginning of the film, she was innocent, and that he was loving, and he'd do anything to get her out, and, in the end, they lived happily ever after. John is almost caught testing a bump key inside Lara's current jail. It is a remake of the 2008 French film Pour elle (Anything for Her) by Fred Cavayé and Guillaume Lemans. Invoking his plan, John plants falsified blood work indicating Lara is in a state of hyperkalemia and leaves Luke at a birthday party. "[14] On Metacritic, the film has a weighted average score of 52 out of 100, based on 36 critics, indicating "mixed or average reviews". The Next Three Days is, at its core, a love story. John folgt daher einem Dealer zu einer Crystal-Meth-Produktionsküche und erpresst unter Waffengewalt dort eine große Menge an Bargeld, das die Dealer dort lagern. [6] Cavayé explained the plot and motivation for making the film, "We wanted to make a real human story about an ordinary man doing an extraordinary thing because he's faced with a miscarriage of justice. Crash‘-Regisseur Paul Haggis in seiner zweistündigen Inszenierung extrem viel Zeit für die Planung der Verzweiflungstat. Three years later, Lara’s appeals are spent. In the process, a button popped off the junkie’s coat and fell into a storm drain – a piece of evidence missed by detectives that may have proved another person was present that night. “Good,” John returns. TV9 Gujarati. I figured that's what he would do. [9] A shootout ensues, leaving one of the dealers dead and the other mortally wounded. “The Next Three Days” is a 2010 remake of a 2008 French film “ Pour Elle,” which was based on the true story of a French woman who was convicted of killing her boss. Als Lara daraufhin verzweifelt versucht, sich aus dem fahrenden Wagen fallen zu lassen, gibt er nach und fährt zum Zoo. “It no longer matters what we believe,” the lawyer shouts. Diese wurde mit einem Feuerlöscher erschlagen und auf dem Parkplatz von Laras Arbeitsplatz aufgefunden. Part of the satisfaction in watching it comes from not knowing where it’s going to go. Da John damit rechnet, dass an den Ausfallstraßen nach einem Elternpaar mit einem Jungen gefahndet wird, lädt er ein älteres Ehepaar zur Mitfahrt ein. I loved the fact that this guy was also an English teacher, so he was a romantic. Alarm wird ausgelöst, und John wird beinahe verhaftet. Auch der Versuch, über kleine Drogendealer die benötigten Papiere zu bekommen, führt zunächst nur dazu, dass er verprügelt und ausgeraubt wird. She insists she’s innocent, but the evidence is overwhelming. A few years after Lara’s conviction John is still convinced of his wife’s innocence while almost everybody else – the police, her lawyer, and even John’s mother – think she’s guilty. Ein Bild zeigt den Präsidentenpalast von Haiti. John’s driven, of course, by his unfaltering belief Lara isn’t guilty of murdering her boss but Haggis peppers The Next Three Days with moments that cast doubt over her innocence. One afternoon, Laura Brennan argues with her boss. And we wonder whether this man’s bullheaded insistence that his wife is innocent, even when everything (and I mean everything) points to her guilt, can possibly culminate in anything close to a happy ending.


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