top 10 health benefits of tennis
Also, certain supplements ensure your body has the nutrients it needs to get the job done AND recover from activity. and get weekly updates delivered straight to your inbox. Any tennis player can tell you, the game has a lot of starts and stops. Flexibility works both ways in tennis. I am still playing doubles and singles. I believe paying for sports is totally worth it and a great investment for our health. With that set, we will find a private coach to teach her tennis. If you are thinking of choosing a sport that will be great for little kids, big kids, and adults then I highly recommend you give tennis a chance. Thank you so much for your comment. You … Now that I have kids, I love getting them outside and playing tennis. My husband and I used to play it when we were children, and now our son has a passion for this sport. Required fields are marked *. I would highlight three products to assist. People who love to play tennis have a passion, feel connected, and experience amazing benefits. 12 Reasons Why Spending Money On Your Kids Sports Is Worth It. Tennis is one of the best sports for women to play for both psychological and physical reasons. My wife and I have been thinking of enrolling our daughter in sports. This last health benefit is for everyone. But tennis offers more than just exercise. Just don’t get too competitive. Like any other good sport, tennis gives you a good workout, and everyone knows exercise is very important for our health. Ramping up your heart rate with intermittent cool-down is the way to go. Social people live longer. Got a kick out of #1 and thoroughly agree with the last 9. While it is important to slather on sunscreen before heading out to play tennis, it’s equally important that you’re getting Vitamin D from the sun. Tennis is a wonderful activity to keep your cardiovascular and muscular system in great shape. Liked it! Here are 10 of the top heart health benefits of playing tennis: Like any activity, make sure you are the healthiest you can be BEFORE starting. This means eating the right foods, getting sleep, getting regular chiropractic care and chemical avoidance. Play Your Court Tennis Tips and Information, How to Find Beginner Tennis Players and Lessons Near You, The Biggest Mistake Tennis Players Make on the One Handed Backhand. Love this game !!! Activities such as tennis that make you huff and puff help to build stamina and … Learn about 10 really amazing benefits of playing tennis in this post. Build muscle mass by using your arms and legs to start/stop and hit on the court. Vitamin D helps you regulate the absorption of calcium, and in turn, helps protect you from osteoporosis. If you are interested in signing up for classes, you can most certainly find one very close to where you live. When I go play tennis,I give it 110 % each time I go play with my friend. Gross motor control skills include the use of your arms and legs, and fine motor skills include the use of small muscles found in your hands. When you work out, you increase your serotonin levels.


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