txt eternally mv theory

BTS Jimin set new major record as "Filter" became the highest charting B-side track in history on iTunes!

Okay so my guess is that 'the cat' is actually some evil being. he knows that he’s a monster. While nct is rigid with their noisy music and same old boring dark leather outfits. 1. soobin is stuck in an alternate universe, or more likely, in a different time. !DREAM, LOVE, AND HAPPINESS, ok now dont say anything what i say but i think bts and txt are vampires i love bts but i am just saying, That beomgyu "what side should i put my trust in" reminds me of his outfit in their album The Dream Chapter : Eternity ( Starboard ver. ) maybe he found out and got mad because beomgyu didn’t tell him. This is another pretty competently done pop tune. I'm not a theorist but this is a bit unusual to me but I just realized Jimin's Lie also change it but it is from minor to major. then he just ends up wanting to be alone) :(( poor bb (idk that’s just my theory haha), at the end of the mv, on the window it says, “remember my name.” i cried when i saw that. He may be referring to lost innocence, maybe aiming for immortality or eternal youth is ‘eternal dream’. I really think Yeonjun could be the kid from the grass flower arboretum. TXT always bring variety of styles and concepts in every comeback. 17:47 You said that Hueningkai has a secret. This is quite an interesting video. but anyways, he’s the only one left, so he decides to end everything so that he’s not left alone in that lonely, broken world paying for his mistakes. Only soobin is the one who understands through his dreams and all. Could the 'two' in the 'Forgotten Diary of the two' be Soobin and Taehyun? It might be not related but who knows. I think this maybe represents something. There's an ethereal, dreamlike quality to the song, partially because of the whispery vocals but also because of the synth backing. Don't you think it is strange that the song changed from Gb major to F# minor? And they've done that here. so he cried. It's pleasant-sounding enough, with an acoustic guitar and the high tenor vocals. in the process, they ask themselves, “what did we do wrong?” so basically they did the opposite of eternity girl. Because TXT is known for smoother songs, they bring that trademark smoothness to this one as well. I literally want to make a google doc of EVERYONES’ theories like y’all so smartEdit: OKAY BUT SERIOUSLY WANT TO MAKE ONE!! If anyone knows these movies/characters:Paranoid park(Yeonjun)The catcher in the rye(Beomgyu)Le doulos(Soobin)Philip Marlowe(Taehyun)Stand by me(Huening Kai)Can you help me correlate them with the story?Because I got their names from decoding the numbers in the captions for the starboard photos Thanks in advance! i think that’s why yeonjun has the blood on him.

TXT are back with their new album, 'The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY.' Sorry if you're left with more questions than answers but I hope you enjoyed this video! In an interview i heard that... Yeonjun told that can't you see me was the aftermath of the burn down of the magical world and the world... After that fire they started to face difficulties in their friendship. What if the guy Beomgyu fights is the librarian in the Gfriend Universe. What are your theories about the new Eternally MV?

Thank you for watching! (For more detailed explanation please watch her video). What if Big Hit just showed us Yeonjun's dead..? So if anyone knows please tell me....(Edit) It also might be related to Map of the Soul because the minor and major keys might represent the shadow and the ego, i think the 'forgotten diary of the two' might be a diary by soobin and taehyun, since they are the only two who know that yeonjun is dead (soobin saw yeonjun's bloody face in the beginning and taehyun saw him in the moratorium ). They dance outside the house. Yesterday, i've been watching this theory: inclips.net/video/1EC7xhM1SXI/वीडियो.html and the girl says that that there's some posibility of Beomgyu KILLING Yeonjun. Hope shines again as BTS V Vietnam Fans give donations to flash floods victims in the country, BTS Jimin receives a heartwarming message from 9th graders after Indian ARMY's meaningful donation, 6 times the 'Jungkook effect' caused business growth in South Korea and promoted its culture to the world. And actually it's not as boring as some ballads.

And they killed them all. Methinks he was corrupted, because it was obvious that the tomatoes meant blood.

!guys enlighten, if that is just a brand or something like that!And also did you all notice those "happy face" on almost every MV of them?MAYBE THIS CHAPTERS ARE ACTUALLY REAL?! to “remember his name.” he knows what’s to come and he knows there’s no way to stop it. It really amazed me how their fans are still sane at this stage. ], 21:00 I don’t know if anyone knows this but this stadium is the Georgia Dome Stadium!!!!


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