water sports slang

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You can also view specific baseball slang, golf slang, and fantasy football slang. It is the erotic use of urination as a means of foreplay of completion of the sex act. Sports idioms generally originate from a specific sport such as baseball or sailing. expires: 365


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params: { Cossies and swimmers 'Cossies' and 'swimmers' are both slang for swimming costume. Water Sports Slang.

What does WATER SPORTS mean?

The consumption of urine is urophagia.
Definitions include: to eat food or to perform oral sex. People with urolagnia often like to urinate in public, or urinate on, or be urinated on by other people, and may drink the urine.

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Urine is a sterile solution unless there is a urinary tract infection as the pores of the urine producing ducts are smaller than bacteria or viruses.
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