why is 2001: a space odyssey so good

We aren't destroyed by HAL and the rise of AI, but rather change form and transfer the collective intelligence and complexity of humanity from meat-based to computer-based life. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The invention of tools allowed us to dominate first each other and then our environment in a way that was qualitatively different than could be done pre-tool. Kubrick makes the choice to have someone on the ship survive and make the journey, and once he does, he becomes a higher life form (the baby floating around the world). It's like a poetic "The Wire" of human mortality, religion, technology, space exploration and more.

2001 did that in one evolutionary leap, creating a gold standard that decades' worth of movies since have aspired to -- and few have equaled. Particularly emphasized was the color white, which was used as the dominant color scheme in many sets throughout the film.

There are also spaceships, which are fun ;). Sure HAL killed a bunch of the crew members, but the monkey killed the other monkey. I had just heard that it was an amazing film and I kind of liked sci-fi, so I watched it.

Most of the filmed sci-fi of the years before 2001, with a handful of exceptions, portrayed extra-terrestrials as intruders, invaders and monsters to be feared and fought. This is the reason why I think 2001: A Space Odyssey is one of the best films ever made. From his spacecraft interiors to the surface of the Moon, Kubrick strove to make the most realistic space odyssey he could (let's also not forget the incredible versimilitude of the ape-men in the film's opening scenes).
Nobody likes cinema without loud sounds and visuals. Spartacus wasn't his first film. There are scenes in … What accounts for these groundbreaking creative decisions on the part of Kubrick for 2001: A Space Odyssey? (For example, Robbie the Robot from Lost in Space.) I want to say he made 4 previous to it (Killer's Kiss, the Killing, Paths of Glory and that really early one he hates? They were still wearing pants, suits and dresses and more or less styling their hair the same way. I’ve tried to keep it brief and focus on getting people ready to watch the film.

This is how your outer space shots should look and be blocked. It is slow, boring, way off the mark concerning the future, and the fantasy visual sequence is embarrassing. less than five minutes later there was a massive orgy. Instead of coming up with the cheesy, fantasy-based ideas that so often showed up in pop culture, they imagined a future in which everything was sleek, minimalist, ergonomic and above all, stylish. It introduced aliens as benign, if still superior.

And the troop movements and pacing are once again, astonishingly realistic. Even up through the early part of the 1960s, written science fiction was considered a pulp genre relegated to magazines and cheap paperbacks. 2001 not only introduced an alien intelligence so vastly superior to ours that the director wisely avoided trying to visualize it on the screen (with the monoliths as their representatives instead), but they were not malevolent at all: their goal was, in fact, to gently guide humankind toward a greater level of existence entirely.
Using no dialogue, no music and nothing but an occasional reaction shot, we the audience can understand the utter despair facing those rebels.. the futility and the terror. Instead of working on chunky consoles covered in big, ugly plastic and metal knobs, buttons and dials, the astronauts of 2001 worked on sleekly designed consoles made up of colorful computer screens and elegant buttons. I didn't get to the bit with the roman army in Spartacus because i got board during a tedious love scene. Because of all of this, I have purposefully avoided watching the film again, after my third viewing. Part of the reason is that there was still this prevailing belief that the future would be so vastly different from our own that everyone and everything would look crazy. There's no music beyond a simple drum beat. After WWII, futurism became all the rage again, and many of the best architects and designers of this time period started designing structures, cars, clothing and furniture based on what they imagined the future could look like. It's a tough movie to swallow unless you're into that sort of stuff. Because of this, people were more sophisticated about things than they had been 30, 40 years before. It introduced aliens as benign, if still superior, 8. 2001 is a masterpiece, not a blockbuster. Don’t get me wrong. ( Log Out /  But this was the least of 2001’s accomplishments. Sighing. While there have been a lot of good and even great sci-fi films made since the genre was born -- heck, it's almost as old as cinema itself if you consider 1902's A Trip to the Moon as "film zero" -- there aren't many that can be said to capture the sweep, majesty and cosmic awe of the genre at its finest. However, in every other respect, the movie is not only not overrated, it’s probably the most important and influential film of the 20th century. He could’ve still used the visual sci-fi tropes of the past but didn’t. The beautiful shots just speak for themselves. thanks again for the feedback and i hope you enjoyed the video. I think it behooves you to remind any first time viewers, especially younger viewers who probably haven't watched a great deal of films like this, that 2001: A Space Odyssey was released in 1968, while principal photography began in 1965 and special effects were created in 1966. I may or may not get flack for this, but my opinion is that it currently sits in a class of movie that one has to approach of their own volition. A lot of it makes no sense in the way your stoner friend doesn’t make sense after he’s had a few hits and is trying to explain to you how mixing bubble gum, spam and belly button lint is going to cure world hunger and cancer at the same time.

Change ). Will we evolve into something that makes "man" appear as undeveloped as those monkeys were before evolving to humans?" Every single movie and TV show sci-fi to date owes a tremendous debt to this film. It's been four years since then, but I'm still not ready to step into the cold reality Kubrick showers his audience with again. It elevated literary sci-fi into the mainstream, 3.

2001 respects the viewer's intelligence, By submitting your information, you agree to our, 10 reasons why 2001: A Space Odyssey is still the greatest sci-fi movie of all time, The best horror comic book movie adaptations for people who love to cross genres, WIRE Buzz: Static Shock attracts producer Michael B. Jordan; Falcon & Winter Soldier; Scream 5, Final Destination 2 creator says film was originally written to have a Black lead, DuckTales creators talk 'dangerous' Darkwing special and building a Disney Afternoon-iverse, Tatiana Maslany refutes She-Hulk casting report: Lead role in Disney+ series ‘not actually a thing’, Indie Comics Spotlight: Blue in Green is a gorgeous exercise in improvisational jazz and horror. If you’re brought up on a diet of the standard fare at cinemas, a film like 2001 is almost impenetrable.

It was 49 years ago this month that a movie came out and changed the course of sci-fi cinema. But do not, for the love of all that is holy, call it overrated. There were no such things as satellite, touch tone phones, television, computers or any of the sort in 1928. In a nutshell, 2001: A Space Odyssey’s importance as a landmark movie and far-reaching influence in shaping the look and feel of sci-fi cannot be overstated. Practical long boring physics is meticulously observed. yeah, this def. This is what I always do whenever I think about a groundbreaking movie that for no good reason at all, has been fobbed off as “overrated.” The Godfather (1972) is one of those films. Multi-dimensional realities? It makes sense when you think about it. I loved it. Totally agree with you here it's crazy scary. These place don't need selling with close-ups. What they're about to see is revolutionary in the effects department, even though many things are very subtle. They were white, sleek and elegantly designed. Opposite opinions can be valid, not universally, but for each of us, because we value different things. Literally. By using Clarke's story "The Sentinel" as the starting point for 2001, and bringing Clarke in to both co-write the script and a concurrent novel, Kubrick afforded Clarke -- and the genre he was associated with -- a level of respect it had long been denied. I think the film is as equally glorious and awe-inspiring as it is terrifying - as any contemplation of the scale of the universe and our ridiculously insignificant place in it should. Something else to marvel at is the fact that this movie was made before man had reached the moon in real life. If you found the movie boring, no one can argue with you about that any more than anyone can argue about you disliking chocolate ice cream. You could have everyone and everything still look like the present as long as you made the technology in your movie believably futuristic. It was a smart move. This is pretty explicit in both the novelization and in The Sentinel, the story that inspired the film, and is the furthest thing from being an argument that we're 'at the end of our technologic progression.' Even as late as 1968 when we were a year away from landing on the moon, TV shows and movies were still going by this cheesy aesthetic. If it weren’t for 2001: A Space Odyssey, all of the following: So, if you hear anyone–and I mean anyone–call 2001: A Space Odyssey overrated, just know that this is the talk of an ignoramus.

2001 was the first film to envision a future in which outer space wasn’t an empty expanse, but a place populated with people living and working on board space stations. The ships and modules weren’t of the corny metallic flying saucer or cigar shape variety that was so prevalent in the 1950s. You should watch it again, that might clear up some pessimism :). Now, why on earth could no one get past these visual cliches at the time even though, like I said, people were becoming more sophisticated in the 1960s and should’ve had a less goofy image of what outer space and future technology would look like? To understand why, we have to go back a little and talk briefly about the sorry state of sci-fi in the 1960s.

The infinite corridor of the space ship. Call it nonsensical. I think one of the things that interpreters of Kubrick's work often miss is his dedication to realism. So that's the thing that's weird in 2001. Submitted for the approval: Everything you didn't know about Are You Afraid of the Dark? Stylistically, 2001 went in the completely opposite direction. Right? Secondly, it was a beautifully shot film, filled with unforgettable images and sequences, such as the star child and dawn of man opening scene. Great Article! It's a film about how we are at the end of our technologic progression; that constant evolutionary succession has finally been exhausted. But the statement that the movie is “overrated” is not an opinion. Also, every time i give up trying to watch a Kubrick film i miss something awesome a few moments after the point i give up. You might also emphasize that the movie needs to be seen on a very large screen in very high quality. I know there’s stuff I haven’t touched on so what do you think about this movie that makes it great? If we were going to go solely by story, then yes, 2001: A Space Odyssey, is overrated.

Another major break that 2001: A Space Odyssey made from previous sci-fi were its interfaces and consoles. Fangrrls is about kicking down doors, breaking boundaries and celebrating female fans with fun, witty and entertaining content. Previously, AI was usually portrayed in robot form and given a silly robotic voice. I think "it's trippy" and "it's out of this world" is more than enough to describe 2001 and those are often what I say. What resulted was an entirely new look for sci-fi, one that emphasized sleekness, clean lines and geometric patterns.


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