why is it called monster's ball
We've joined the BHM Digital family of websites and have updated our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. The night before their execution, their jailers would hold a feast known as a monster's ball as their final farewell. | The film cast and crew includes three Oscar winners: The movie was named as one of "The 20 Most Overrated Movies of All Time" by Premiere. on Wednesday, January 21st, 2009 at 11:21 pm and is filed under Drama. It is the last night before an execution. Billy Bob points out how he eats the ice cream all the time but it doesn’t really taste like much, but when in the final scene, as Berry has discovered the drawings, and he sits on the front steps with her, we see him actually smiling and sharing the ice cream, as if the first time he enjoyed. In DW Griffith's 1916 epic Intolerance, the first truly great American movie, there are four episodes centring on inhumanity through the ages. When her son is run over, all of hospital administrators and staff have completely blank looks, and she has to hug Billy Bob, because no one else will go near her. Crazy Credits I find that the movie, despite of the type that usually has no replay value, because it is so emotionally wrenching, a feeling that is difficult to recreate, works even better upon subsequent viewings. Because she has no alternative? Boyle, an astonishing presence with that enormous, marmoreal head and piggy eyes, is powerful as always. When Berry’s son is run over, she is screaming and banging on the glass, but we can only see here from the other side of the glass, there is no shot of her reaction in close up, no shot that is without a barrier. When you say the title Monster’s Ball, you’re liable to get a few reactions. It’s as if Billy Bob’s racism isn’t even ingrained in him, it’s a facet of his personality that never quite stuck, but was forced on him. The film's only flaw is the way Marc Forster allows his camera to linger on Berry's half-clothed beauty; this story is not about sex appeal, and if the camera sees her that way, we are pretty sure that Hank doesn't. Monster’s Ball is the story of a poor Southern woman, played by Halle Berry, who falls in love with a prison guard, played by Billy Bob Thornton, after her husband has been executed. 1 decade ago. “Leticia” oftentimes criticized her son for being overweight and ultimately suffered severe depression after “Tyrell” was accidentally run over by a car. Puffy’s drawing of Ledger has made him feel something for a human being, which is unacceptable to Billy Bob, and is why he regards his son as weak and takes it out on him after the execution in the bathroom. All rights reserved. Others will tell you how, aside from all the hoopla, it was actually a really good film; and others think it was completely overrated. In the movie, Berry and her co-star shared a steamy sex scene that has been embedded in the minds of many viewers for years. The man awaiting the chair in Marc Forster's film is Lawrence Musgrove, an African-American who's been on Death Row in a Georgia penitentiary for 11 years, though the nature of his crime is never revealed. As for myself, as Leticia rejoined Hank in the last shot of the movie, I was thinking about her as deeply and urgently as about any movie character I can remember. There is some clumsiness in the film, especially with the plot turning on people's ignorance of matters they might have picked up from a local newspaper or town gossip, but there's nothing wrong with the performances. It takes 9 seconds for YahooAnswers web page to open for me to be able to click on [add your answer] box. That said, I am shocked that someone was willing to put up money for this movie, because it never strays from its goal of being straightforward, honest, and downbeat. Check out some of the lesser known facts behind the making of this movie. http://www.prairienet.org/ejahiel/monsters_ball.ht... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monster%27s_ball. most of them are typical silly American Softcore movies with stupid music ? The characters have disappeared into the mysteries of the heart. The movie’s acts are actually broken up in terms of breaking this routine. There’s an odd linking of vomit going throughout Monster’s Ball that I think has never been addressed. The hooker scenes are linked in this way, there’s a matter of factness to Ledger’s scene where this mutual respect and apathy to the situation, exactly as if he was thanking his waitress for bringing him food, not seeing sex as a possibly pleasurable act, just a need that has to be taken care of and gotten out of the way. It’s something like a polarizing film, particularly in the Black community. Good job! A radio interview with the person who wrote this sentence, Part IV: Comfort and Joy and Dream Lover, Escape From the Bronx [aka Bronx Warriors 2], A podcast with Tim League, CEO of The Alamo Drafthouse, Fantastic Fest, and Drafthouse Films. The trivia items below may give away important plot points. This entry was posted It has to do with Billy Bob’s compulsion to eat chocolate ice cream (with a plastic spoon). The title, we're told, is an old-English term for a party thrown in jail for a condemned man before he's executed. When they are done, there are no close-ups where she’s even in focus, and since she’s the one who seemed to really get the most of it, both emotionally and physically, so we aren’t allowed to see her clearly. Share on Facebook; Share on Twitter; By continuing to use this site, you agree to our updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. black entertainment news, parenting tips and beauty secrets that are specifically for black women. Clements and Prospect are two neighboring streets in North Vancouver, BC Canada, where Lions Gate Studios are located. Remember me. As a member of a Southern family and having grown up before civil rights and the remnants of the past that persist are so well portrayed. Thank you for your perception and your insight into this fantastic film. And she says “Why? The first involves his wife, Leticia (Halle Berry), a waitress, and their overweight 13-year-old son Tyrell who has only known his father as a condemned man. Part of it is bragging rights. When Riverfront Stadium was demolished in 2002, the Green Monster reclaimed the record. When Billy Bob is being interviewed after the accident by one of the policeman, it is so plain and matter of fact as to be distressing, that is, if we hadn’t been inundated by this behavior for about an hour already. I hope that helps. A podcast with Summer Qing [Qing Xu], co-star of Looper: Mandarin and English friendly version. There is no monster. What are some good 80's and 90's erotic movies ? ". It's watched over some of the game's most iconic moments and caught some of its most iconic dingers.Celebrities want to sign it.Players want to know what's inside it.Fans are willing to travel from all over the country -- the world, even -- to see it in person. They live in a Georgia town, circa 1990; Leticia works the night shift in a diner, has a fat little son and an ex-husband on Death Row; Hank works as a guard on Death Row, has a mean, racist father and a browbeaten son, and will be involved in Leticia's ex-husband's execution. It doesn’t even faze him. Monster's Ball is in a fine tradition of Death Row dramas Philip French. What actually happened was that Bentley committed to the role but then pulled out at the very last minute, and Lionsgate gave them only 48 hours to find a replacement (who turned out to be Heath Ledger). Get your answers by asking now. The French title of this movie literally translates as 'In the shadow of hate'. Even the sex scene is shot from quite a distance; Berry’s head is almost never in frame, obscured by camera placement. Lolol searching for understandings of this movie, yours came right up. Ironically Hank is a prison guard working on Death Row who executed Leticia's husband. The historical sections focus on the destruction of Prince Belshazzar's regime in Babylon, the crucifixion of Christ and the St Bartholomew's Day Massacre. Billy Bob throws up in the first scene, but nothing is made of it. The other concerns the lower-middle-class Grotowski family - three generations of correction officers with the Georgia Penitentiary Service - Buck (Peter Boyle), a brutal racist crippled by arthritis and emphysema; his son, Hank (Billy Bob Thornton), a taciturn, dedicated senior prison-officer; and Hank's son, Sonny (Heath Ledger), an inexperienced young warder. He was hit by a car.” This exposes even the hospital’s need to follow unnecessary procedure just to make sure they follow the rules. Shortly thereafter, Hank leaves the prison service and buys a filling station. What a shock to find these two characters freed from the conventions of political correctness, and allowed to be who they are: weak, flawed, needful, with good hearts tested by lifetimes of compromise. The movie has the complexity of great fiction, and requires our empathy as we interpret the decisions that are made--especially at the end, when the movie avoids an obligatory scene that would have been conventional and forces us to cut straight to the point. When you watch Ledger or Berry smoke, it seems just a compulsion, there’s no joy in it, they are acts of nervousness (Berry awaits for the call from Puffy that never comes, Ledger seems to be seething and trying to take out his anger on his cigarette) and any attempt at satisfying a pleasure or an urge, like Berry’s little boy hiding his chocolate, is immediately scolded.


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