zenith in a sentence

At the zenith, the two planets will fully align because of the strong magnetic pull between them.

(1619-1637), at the zenith of his fortunes, forced the Protestant princes of Germany to restore to the Roman hierarchy all the ecclesiastical territories they had secularized during the past seventy-four years. And it is now mid-afternoon, the sun at its zenith, the temperature over 100 degrees.

Carnot seemed to be arriving at the zenith of popularity, when on the 24th of June 1894, after delivering at a public banquet at Lyons a speech in which he appeared to imply that he nevertheless would not seek re-election, he was stabbed by an Italian anarchist named Caserio and expired almost immediately.

The celestial term is often contrasted with nadir, or the point that is vertically downward from the observer (imagine a line going through the earth from the observer's feet and out the other side into the sky).

, 8.

The university of Paris had reached its zenith at the time of the council of Constance (1418), and was now losing its intellectual leadership under the attacks of the Renaissance and the Reformation. In 1886 he became chancellor of St Paul's, and it is said that he declined more than one offer of a bishopric. there begins a dynasty which embraces the zenith of Khmer greatness and the era during which the great Brahman monuments were built.

The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. Aix, which during the middle ages was the capital of the county of Provence, did not reach its zenith until after the 12th century, when, under the houses of Aragon and Anjou, it became an artistic centre and seat of learning. See, from Nadir to Zenith one aureole doth reach! The orient and the zenith skies were fleckless.

By directing the telescope to a distant object, or to the intersection of the webs of a fixed collimating telescope (see Transit Circle), it is easy to measure the effect of a small change of zenith distance of the axis of the telescope in terms both of the level and of the micrometer screw, and thus, if the levels are perfectly sensitive and uniform in curvature and graduation, to determine the value of one division of each level in terms of the micrometer screw.

Augenblicke, als der Tagesschimmer sich eben bis zum Zenith erhob.

Under their protection, and favoured by its site, the city rapidly grew in wealth and population, the zenith of its power and prosperity being reached between the 13th and 15th centuries, when it was the emporium of the trade of Germany and the Low Countries, the centre of a great cloth industry, and could put some 20,000 armed citizens into the field. The zenith of Welsh rugby was the 1970s, when Wales had players such as Barry John, Gareth Edwards, Phil Bennett and JPR Williams.

If the sun is at its zenith in the sky, so, too, is nature here on Earth at the summit of its sumptuousness, the height of fertile power of the sun and the fecundity of the plants and animals that feed us. The sun was well past its zenith and headed toward the trees on the west side of the cabin.

Mike’s second promotion in eleven months confirms he is at the zenith of his career. You may have an easier time writing sentences with zenith if you know what words are likely to come before or after it, or simply what words are often found in the same sentence.

Either of the angles QOZ and ZOP is then one half that through which the telescope has been turned, which may be measured by a graduated circle, and which is the zenith distance of the object measured from the direction of the axis OZ.

NADIR (Arabic nadir, " opposite to," used elliptically for nadir-es-semt, " opposite to the zenith"), a term used in astronomy for the point in the heavens exactly opposite to the zenith, the zenith and nadir being the two poles of the horizon. How to use zenith in a sentence. Learn a new word every day. Their very names, however, bear witness to the star treatment they offer: Zenith, Summit, Mercury, Infinity, Galaxy, Constellation, Millennium, Century, Celebrity Journey, Celebrity Quest, and Celebrity Xpedition.

But the only zones of the globe in which the moon passes the zenith, that is, the point directly over the head of the spectator, are of necessity comprised between the twenty-eighth parallels and the equator.

After the image of the body is brought into coincidence with the cross threads, the instrument is turned through 180° on the axis, which results in the line of sight of the telescope pointing in a certain direction OQ, determined by the condition QOZ = ZOP. Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free! He erected a 24-foot zenith sector at his house, Kew House, Kew Green in 1725. zenith (noun) - the point above the observer that is directly opposite the nadir on the imaginary sphere against which celestial bodies appear to be projected.

It was a military and commercial station on a main line of communication between Rome and the East, and had reached its zenith before the seat of empire was transferred to Constantinople. British, zen-ith] noun Definitions: 1. the point on the celestial sphere vertically above a given position or observer. Can you spell these 10 commonly misspelled words? Zenith Pronunciation: [zee-nith or, esp. R. The interval between the true trails, measured at right angles to the direction of the trails, obviously corresponds to the difference of zenith distance of the two stars.

What O'Keefe probably meant to say is "zenith," which means ".

, 6. [Footnote 5: The zenith is the point in the heavens that is directly over our heads.] In temperate latitudes auroral arcs are seldom near the zenith, and there is reason to believe them at very great heights.


YouTube, that incandescent tower of video Babel; monument to the sloughed-off detritus of our exponentially-exploding digital culture; a Technicolor cataract of skateboarding dogs, lip-synching college students, political punditry, and porn; has reached the zenith of its meteoric rise; and Icarus-like, wings melting; is spiraling back to earth. Reaching the zenith Under these circumstances, green is also sometimes visible, especially towards the zenith. As Bush's legal analysts tout the "zenith" of his presidential authority, the impact on traditional American liberties is profound.

He died on the 9th of September 1890, in the full vigour of his intellect and at the zenith of his reputation. Either of the angles QOZ and ZOP is then one half that through which the telescope has been turned, which may be measured by a graduated circle, and which is the zenith distance of the object measured from the direction of the axis OZ.

I doubt anything will become of the ethic complaints, for one the 1st Amendment, petitions get the 'zenith' of 1st amendment protection as it is 'core political speech' that which our forefathers sought to protect the most, second I doubt the activists ever came under ethics commission jurisdiction ie never subjected themselves to it, had they none what Bryd claims they should have then they would maybe be under ethics 'jurisdiction' ... but they never did.


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