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Rebecca 2.0 is sometimes quite enjoyable in all its silliness and campiness and brassiness, and in some ways, gets closer to the narrative shape of the original novel than the Hitchcock film, which rather truncated the third act. But here we are. Running time: 121 MIN. Sorry for wasting your time. © Copyright 2020 Variety Media, LLC, a subsidiary of Penske Business Media, LLC. HD Report is a trusted online news publication with experts in entertainment technology, online media delivery, video gaming, and consumer products. As he says, if you treat someone like an outsider they often just become more of an outsider.

After all, nothing is scarier than a well-shot cornfield. It is she, not Maxim, who grieves the loss of the original Mrs. de Winter most, and Scott Thomas’ interpretation is effective enough that we’re not measuring her against whatever image Anderson burned into our heads long ago. Call Me By My Dead Wife’s Name, if you will. Hammer and James take an idyllic sun-dappled holiday together. In a way, the director seems to have fallen into a similar trap to the one that snared Hitchcock: In both versions, the producers take a dominant hand, overriding some of the directors’ instincts. ‘Rebecca’ Film Review: Period Lavishness, Not Romance and Suspense, Keeps This Remake Afloat Lily James and Armie Hammer play du Maurier’s tormented lovers, … You’ve read the book, so you already know. New Blu-ray & 4k Blu-ray, & Digital Releases on Tuesday, Sept. 1, New Blu-ray, 4k Blu-ray & Digital Releases Oct. 20, 2020, Comcast Xfinity offering free preview of AMC+ channel package, The Crown: Season 3 Blu-ray & DVD Release Date & Details, Star Trek: Discovery & Picard streaming in Dolby Vision. Running time: 121 MIN. This is definitely a Ben Wheatley film. For about three-quarters of the running time, “Rebecca” does a respectable job of navigating between respect for the source and establishing its own distinct identity. The company tackled other genres, including psychological thrillers, sci-fi, noir and historical epic. Tweet. Brian Tallerico is the Editor of RogerEbert.com, and also covers television, film, Blu-ray, and video games.

As Lily James explores Armie Hammer’s home, she becomes overwhelmed by the sense that Hammer’s dead wife still has a hold on the place from beyond the grave. Karen’s father is being put in a home and younger brother Jeremy (Connor Price) is questioning decisions they made to push Chris out of the house. However, there is a shot near the end of Patton’s Stephen—when he finally allows the emotion of the violent, devastating day to catch up to him—that is breathtaking. Mill Creek Entertainment has upgraded the 20-film set titled Hammer Films: The Ultimate Collection to Blu-ray Disc. It’s a shame that Ben Wheatley didn’t attempt anything like Hitchcock’s legendary suspense scene in France when the future second Mrs de Winter is ordered by her employer to pack for New York and she almost has to leave before Max can propose. The collection includes titles such as Horror of Frankenstein starring Ralph Bates and Kate O’Mara, Fear in the Night starring Joan Collins and Peter Cushing, and Scars of Dracula starring Christopher Lee.
He does a 180 and follows him, noticing blood on the panicked young man’s shirt. But for all that, Wheatley creates moments of spectacle and disquiet, especially when poor Mrs de Winter is tricked by Danvers into disgracing herself at the fancy dress ball, and she succumbs to an ecstasy of self-hate that the unspeakable housekeeper wants to exploit. You read the book, you know the drill. Be the first to hear about Hammer news and events... We’re thrilled to announce The Lodge will be released in the US on February 07, 2020.
August 29, 2020. Movie Reviews Great Movies Collections TV/Streaming Features Chaz's Journal Interviews. Well, as the opening line itself suggests, one can and does return to the film’s tragi-romantic estate — shrouded in fog and mystery as it is — as often as one pleases. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; Here we meet Armie Hammer, in a yellow suit so overwhelming that the only logical explanation is that the costume department got confused and thought they were dressing Timmy Mallett. It’s not quite that he doesn’t have Olivier’s style in the role: he is just too forthright, too cornfed, patently unwounded – and, crucially, he doesn’t look like a man with a secret. 9. In post-WWII America, a woman, rebuilding her life in the suburbs with her husband, kidnaps her neighbor and seeks vengeance for the heinous war … John Carpenter’s HALLOWEEN Lunchbox + Thermos Set Plus ELVIRA, HAMMER FILMS, & THE HOUSES OCTOBER BUILT Apparel in Fashion by Blacktooth Oct 14, 2020, 11:03 am 0 Comments Mill Creek Entertainment has upgraded the 20-film set titled Hammer Films: The Ultimate Collection to Blu-ray Disc. Available for everyone, funded by readers. This is what Armie Hammer was so intrigued by. You realize that this man hasn't paused to breathe much less feel or think since he saw his son in need. We’re thrilled to announce The Lodge will be released in the US on February 07, 2020. 10.

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Armie Hammer’s three-piece is an outrageous showstopper that upstages everything and everyone in its bold shade of Colman’s-mustard-slash-baby-poo. This seems to be a deliberate ploy for Rebecca to market itself as the spiritual successor to Hammer’s best-loved film.

At night, he must keep it in its own climate-controlled glass case, like Iron Man. Hammer has seven times Olivier’s body mass, and he does not have his cold English abruptness or his suicidal misery. It has sold millions of copies in multiple languages since it was published in 1938, and it was in the last few years named as the UK’s favourite book of the past two centuries.

What’s more, Alfred Hitchcock’s 1940 adaptation was such a roaring success that it won the best picture Oscar. She simply can’t believe that her studly new husband might have seen something in her that was preferable to the perfection that everyone attributes to the previous Mrs. de Winter — although maybe that has more to do with Mrs. Danvers’ adulation of her late mistress. You can feel Wheatley (the creator of psychological chillers Kill List and A Field in England) wanting to submit to the full bacchanalian horror of this sequence, and yet the story itself won’t let him. Looks like I spoke too soon, because here comes Kristen Scott Thomas to ruin everyone’s fun. Actually, so far, this version of Rebecca doesn’t seem very Ben Wheatleyish at all, does it? Netflix’s new adaptation of Rebecca is out next month, with Armie Hammer playing Maxim de Winter and Lily James playing his wife. Also, there’s a weird black-and-white sequence where Lily James is shot in the style of a pretentious perfume commercial. As Mrs Danvers, Kristin Scott Thomas has a way of pursing her lips that would turn fresh milk into uranium and she gives every line a gimlet jab of contempt. And, unless Ben Wheatley has completely dismantled Rebecca, the sure bet is on the former. Arms and Hammer. Given his track record, there’s a good chance that the entire mid-section of this Rebecca will consist of nothing but a terrifying non-linear psychedelic freakout. The theatrical release expanded to 320 theaters in the United States on February 21, 2020. If Rebecca was the first Mrs. de Winter, and Joan Fontaine’s character was the second, what does that make the two wives in Wheatley’s latest update? 0.

HD Report, © Copyright 2020 HD Report All Rights Reserved, Hammer Films The Ultimate Collection 20-Movie Set Upgraded to Blu-ray, Alejandro Jodorowsky films restored in 4K for new…, Alfred Hitchcock Films Remastered for Ultra HD…, Stephen King Films Collected in New 5-Disc Blu-ray…. The world needs another Rebecca adaptation like it needs another pandemic. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit"; Hammer fills out that suit as tightly as if both Vinkelvoss twins were in it at the same time. But neither the director nor his writing team (“Stardust” scribe Jane Goldman, aided by Joe Shrapnel and Anna Waterhouse) is trying to do a straightforward remake here. Variety and the Flying V logos are trademarks of Variety Media, LLC.


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