how to facilitate a brainstorming session
The core belief of brainstorming is that getting as many solutions as possible increases the chances of finding the best solution. Be prepared to think on your feet and make the brainstorming work, any way you can. The process of having time to ideate individually, come together as a group and discuss and then have time for individual reflection is what will lead to the best ideas. In the instructions for the activity, you can explain to your team how to contribute to the brainstorming board. Not criticizing or debating ideas is considered one of the most important elements for good brainstorming. That work’s worth the effort, though, and the following tips will help you on your way. Regardless, every brainstorming session needs a leader. A virtual brainstorming session allows attendees to swap ideas while meeting over video conference, retaining the face-to-face element and providing a collaborative virtual space that makes brainstorming … Is there a free software option available? If a firm can offer customers something new, they get a jump on their competition. You all need to collaborate and bounce ideas off one another creatively. It is. To get the best results, though, you’ll want the right mix of different people to (virtually) attend each session. If people think their ideas As an example, cash-strapped and resource poor, startups need to find innovative ways to create value, get work done and take their offerings to market. To help get past the first set of more predictable responses, it helps to provide people with a different way to look at the problem. Use it in conjunction with the Brainstorming Workbook as a basic plan for conducting an effective session lasting two hours to a full day for up to 25 people. Brainstorming sessions can be enlightening and empowering and fabulous, but without takeaway action items, they may as well be throwaway meetings. When you facilitate a brainstorming session, it’s a process. Take this knowing and build frequent breaks into your brainstorming sessions. Fortunately, it’s easy to offer that help as part of your virtual meeting. Their feedback about the online brainstorming process will likely prove invaluable. An avid reader and lover of all things marketing, leadership, and personal growth, Yaniv is obsessed with creating strategies that drive awareness, strengthen brands, and create customer-centric culture. The other benefit is that group ideation helps build buy-in for later execution that will require participation. Try to be flexible and forgiving when issues arise. Engaging brainstorming sessions help companies get the most from their workforce. As is the case with all of the most productive meetings, it’s the participants that are key to an engaging online brainstorming session. Then, make it fun. Facilitate your brainstorming session to allow for individual ideation time between time set aside for sharing and discussing ideas. Tell everyone what time it will end, when breaks will be, when you will talk about which topics and so on. Andrew Hargadon’s “How Breakthroughs Happen” shows that creativity occurs when people find ways to build on existing ideas. That can be easier said than done in the case of remote sessions. Yaniv Masjedi serves as Nextiva's CMO. No problem. Your icebreaker might ask each participant to add some fun facts about themselves to it. Check-in with participants and make sure they all know what they’re doing. Once you’ve finished a first brainstorming session, don’t rest on your laurels. Not every single member of your team needs to take part in every remote brainstorm. Reach out to the colleagues with whom you brainstormed and ask for feedback. This post will help you facilitate a great brainstorming session. Another issue with drawing conclusions from some of the studies referenced in criticisms is that they isolate one variable and focus on that. One approach comes from an HBR article by Kevin Coyne, Patricia Gorman Clifford and Renée Dye, “Breakthrough Thinking From Inside the Box”. If you’re going to run virtual brainstorms, your first step should be to plan who’s going to take part. Powered by, Badges  |  For instance, you might have planned to use your cloud phone system for the audio element of your session. Brainstorming is a commonly used approach to creative problem-solving. Design them well, and they can also serve to teach the principal features of the tools you plan to use. You know your company needs to innovate in a certain area—maybe it’s hiring, product design, customer service, event management or all the above—but you aren’t totally sure how to execute.


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